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Time:11/13/2020 7:12:32 PM


Modern and minimalist, the Tulip table is well-known as a futuristic table due to its one leg design which replaces the excessive number of legs found on conventional tables.

This is an iconic dining table, designed in the mid 20th century, which remains a bestselling piece of designer furniture.

This table is durable and provides freedom of movement for legs and room to place chairs, which makes it a great selection for the most minimalist and daring decorating styles.

Elegant, robust, delicately-designed table

The Tulip Table is a very robust piece with high-quality finishes that make it a table for all occasions.

The dining table is available in several sizes and can be combined with the matching chairs that you can find at MuebleDesign.

Add elegance and style to your decoration with Tulip tables.
Stylish, minimalist dining table with a base that provides ample room for legs.
The table top is made from highly durable lacquered MDF in white and the base (leg) is made from lacquered steel.
The Tulip Strato table is easy to clean and can perfectly sit 2 to 4 people.
Perfect as a table in:

  • Rooms

  • Living rooms

  • Hotels

  • Kitchens

  • Dining rooms